Come on in... relax, kick off your shoes, and get cozy for a few minutes. I intend this space to be a happy and encouraging spot in your day where perhaps you'll sign off feeling better than you did when you signed on.

I have so much in life that I want to create, experience, and wrap my head around, and I bet you do too. I dedicate this space as a safe place to "grow" our seeds... Seeds of movement to increase our joy, inspiration, and insight - Seeds of change and evolution of our souls - Seeds of of celebration and creativity - a place where we thrive to live lives we're proud of.

How cool is it that we are given the opportunity to create a future that doesn't exist yet. That we have the choice in creating our lives and planting seeds that will grow into our dreams. I want to learn more everyday about how to do this in my life, and I would love for you to join me.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Me and A Tree

Interesting that as I look back through my artwork over the past years, about half of everything I have ever created is a tree.  Hmmmm.... never really realized how enamored I am with trees.  But come to think of it, most of the photos I've taken are of trees too.   What's that all about?  I suppose something about a tree just resonates with me.