Come on in... relax, kick off your shoes, and get cozy for a few minutes. I intend this space to be a happy and encouraging spot in your day where perhaps you'll sign off feeling better than you did when you signed on.

I have so much in life that I want to create, experience, and wrap my head around, and I bet you do too. I dedicate this space as a safe place to "grow" our seeds... Seeds of movement to increase our joy, inspiration, and insight - Seeds of change and evolution of our souls - Seeds of of celebration and creativity - a place where we thrive to live lives we're proud of.

How cool is it that we are given the opportunity to create a future that doesn't exist yet. That we have the choice in creating our lives and planting seeds that will grow into our dreams. I want to learn more everyday about how to do this in my life, and I would love for you to join me.


Monday, November 29, 2010

An Interest in Mandalas

Last year, a sweet and thoughtful friend gave me a "coloring book" called Power Mandalas for my birthday.  She knew of my combined love for anything artistic and spiritual, so this really was an ideal gift for me.  I had heard of mandalas but had never understood the concept behind them.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Keeping It Light

"To laugh deeply is to know God."  - Alan Cohen

I have two dear friends, one I have known since middle school, and one I have known since college.  Even now, after all these years, I am blessed to STILL have them in my life because they live here in Charleston.  Can you imagine that?  How lucky I am. 

Both very different personalities and energies, Leigh and Jackie do share one attribute in common... the ability to laugh and find joy in any situation.  In our younger days, Leigh and Jackie were the "go to" girls if you wanted to have a great time.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Cycle of Connection

My booth at the Artists' Market
Over the past few weeks, I've been especially aware of the different stages and intensities of my connection with life.  It's interesting to watch the cycle of our connection with our higher selves, our Source, God - whatever we choose to call it.  We connect beautifully for a while, then we disconnect, and then we connect again, and disconnect... over and over and over.  I suppose this cycle of union is the process of life - always reaching for the connection and holding it for as long as we can, until perhaps we stumble, trip, and fall away from it. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Greatest Creation EVER!

My best creation ever... is not a piece of my favorite art, or a kissing ball, or a decoupaged bottle.  It's not my branch art, or my paper flowers, or my blog thoughts.
This creation means more to me than life itself, and is by far the masterpiece to which I am most attached and connected.

It is a creation that evolves and becomes more lovely and more beautiful every day, and when I look at it, I see the best of myself in it.  It is a reflection of all my hopes and dreams and love come to fruition... a masterpiece so full of possibilities that it is bursting at the seams.  So rich and colorful and bright and shining is this creation, that it literally takes my breath away and fills me with unequivocal joy.

My Erin.  Happy Birthday to my eleven year old daughter.  I could not be more proud... ever.  I could not be more blown away... ever.  Just a brilliant, beautiful, joyful, easy soul that I am blessed to be with every day.  Happy birthday, my sweet!  

Sunday, November 7, 2010

November is Bizz Buzzing with Activity!

"Grow" - with hand-rolled paper flowers
Happy November!  This month is buzzing with activity and is so full of fun stuff.  I'd love to show you what I've been working on lately and tell you a bit about an exciting show coming up!