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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Allowing Instead of Trying - Letting Go This Year

Happy Day to you!  I hope you have been warm enough this week.  I am so ready for the thermometer to rise just a few degrees!  Last week I talked about words.  Some words are disempowering and others are empowering.  And by using the empowering words we can sharpen and clarify our intentions.

I also said that I would create a piece of art this week that incorporated my new empowering words for 2011.  And I said I'd walk you through my process.  Well, I did indeed create a piece of art.  And I did incorporate my words... ummm, it didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped.  In fact, I was pretty grossed out by it.  I mean, it's one thing to create something for yourself in the privacy of your own space, and then throw it away if you don't like it.  It's another to announce that you'll create something and show it to people!!!  What was I thinking???

"Sun Swirl" reminds me of allowance
You know what, though?  This really works out quite well because my utmost intention for this new year is to stop trying so hard and just be.  Last year I tried hard at much of what I did.  And I'm exhausted.  It was fun, it was invigorating, it was exhilarating and full of achievement, but guess what?  Done!  Finito!  Been there - Done that - moving on into the realm of relaxation, rest, and just "being."

This year I am allowing instead of trying.  I'm dropping the oars that I have been rowing rowing rowing my little boat with, and I'm just letting them slide right out of my hands.  If I say that I trust this beautiful universe to guide me and provide for me than let's see my belief in action.

I'm not setting goals, I'm not comparing myself to anyone else.  I'm going to play when I want, eat what I want, do what I want, be who I want.... just be. If something moves and motivates me, then that's fantastic (and I'm sure it will because I can't sit still for long), but until that time, I'm chilling out and doing my thing.  And I won't know what my thing is until I do it.  So take some of that world!  Are you ready for my "beingness?" I'm feeling the power of it already... just letting go and dropping the oars.  (I'm pretty "Type A" anal retentive, so if you see me slipping from my plan, will you please remind me... It's going to take some effort just for me to allow -ha!)

So back to the "word art piece" that I worked on.  It fits perfectly into my new intention...  It didn't work so well, so I'll show it to you anyway and move right along... Maybe I'll have a go at it again... maybe I won't, but I'm not trying.... I'm not going to row row row my boat upstream and make it happen just because that's what I set out to do.  I'll allow the process to flow through me whatever I decide.  

A blank canvas... my page full of words, and a pencil.  I love my words.
"connection," "release," "expansion," "heartspace," "ease,"
"surrounded by guidance," "embrace the unfolding," "rest," inner sight," "nurture me," "fluid," "blowing joyful kisses," "inner smile," "authentic," "comfort," "swirling energies," "joyful abandon," "surrender," "I am abundant..."

In my imagination, I'm seeing this ethereal word spiral... I am speaking my new words out into the quantum field, out into the universe, and the words will spiral outward waiting to be scooped up and embraced by the powers that guide me... my intentions embraced and manifested!  Isn't that a cool thought?  O.k., I thought so too,

I break out the pastels!  (Like sticks of chalk) and I start swirling the energies of the universe.  Pastels are so much fun.  You should really give them a try if you like playing with your hands.  I love smearing the colors together to create new hues. 

O.k., I can kind of see the spiraling background preparing for the words...

I flick some white paint on the canvas with a toothbrush to give it a "space/galaxy effect"... This is FUN!

Start adding the words...

Then I add more pastels over the words to soften them because they seem too much, which turns out to be a mistake because it really dulls the color.  I also add some stamps (suns and planets) in the background which I'm not sure about. And my last touch is adding an acrylic shiny paint - streaking it throughout the swirls - attempting to show energy moving... spiraling... swirling.  

I stop here and say "enough."  It just doesn't move me.  It's o.k, though.  I learn that in order to get a spiral effect, I could make the words smaller as they go outward, and I could make the spacing get bigger as I go outward.  I could make the center look farther away by darkening it.  I'm thinking I'd like to take an art class this year so that I can figure all this out faster to save myself some time. 

All in all it was a good lesson on what to do differently next time.  Just like anything in life really.  Just live it and learn it.  Get better as you go. 

I came upon a quote today that was nice. 

"Courage doesn't always roar.
 Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day  saying, "I will try again tomorrow." 
 - Mary Anne Radmacher

There's that "try" word again which I'm not going to do so much of this year.  I did like the quote, however, because the process of creating ANYTHING isn't about getting it perfect or even close to perfect... especially the first time around.  Be soft and kind to yourself... allow for learning curves.

So today, I'm letting go, surrendering, dropping the oars, and allowing my life to unfold instead of planning and trying and rowing upstream.  And when I am moved to action, watch out world... because I'm allowing a whole lot of power flow through me when I open myself to the potential of this beautiful universe!  

Thank you for visiting.  Allow yourself to flow with your week.



  1. I love this post :)The ironic thing about going with the flow is this. We end up in the same place either way. When we "fight" or try to "control" the current we just get where we are going and are tired. So I too have decided to just flow and be curious where the stream takes me. I also LOVE your artwork. I know you said you don't especially like it but I do. I enjoyed being able to witness your process. Very cool!
    Thanks Stacey!

  2. Stacey! Thanks for the inspiration! Your words are powerful and thought invoking!

  3. Awesome Stace! Are you *sure* you want me to remind you when I see the Type A rear it's head? :) I look forward to seeing you eat what you want when you want, play when you want, drop the oars and BE!!!! That is so awesome and you can't help but SHINE when you do it! Love you girl! xoxo

  4. Okay, you did say remind you.....when I read through your process I heard flow but when you started to critique your work I heard retentive. I love the flow of thus piece. I feel you relaxing, yet at every corner (yes no flow with corners) you doubted the flow. I so envy your journey. Your release is intoxicating. I love the piece. I would like to buy it. It demonstrates the beauty and complexity of your mind while being aesthetically pleasing. I so miss you. I need your aura to complement my otherwise pessimistic one. Send me the art and the bill. Now!