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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Living Our Words

Original Paper Collage from my "Word Bird" Series

I absolutely love words.  I like speaking them, thinking them, writing them, reading them, dreaming them, creating art with them... and living them.  "Living them?" you ask.  Yes, I say living them.  What I mean by this is that words are powerful tools that can clarify, ground, connect, and direct our lives, and the words that we choose make a difference in our lives.  Without words, we'd either shrivel up and die of boredom, or we might just evolve like the Aboriginal Real People who use mental telepathy, (which you can read about here.)  It could go either way I suppose, but for the sake of the blog, let's pretend that without words, we'd all go insane...

No newspapers,  FaceBook, magazines, or blogs!  No love letters, songs, or chatty phone conversations.  No novels, restaurant menus, plays, or poems... or cheesy jokes on popsicle sticks.  Without words, we'd be living an alien existence on the flip-side of reality... not much communication going on without those descriptive, clarifying creations we call words.  I talk about the power of words and writing in two past blogs, "To Do Lists for the Soul," and "Soul Talking," which both express how privileged we are to create our reality by choosing our words deliberately. 

I bring up the subject of words again because I just finished a book called The Language Codes, by R. Neville Johnston.  This guy is a total hoot, and I had a ball reading his thoughts.  I consider myself pretty open-minded, so I found some of his ideas to be delightful, although there were a few thoughts I just couldn't wrap my mind around.  I like an author who stretches my mind to new dimensions.   He did an excellent job explaining how words manifest in a quantum theory kind of way...

"The Ethers" - Original art using pastels

"Beam me up, Scotty," cause we are sitting on the tip of an enormous iceberg called the Quantum Field.  We are just beginning to scratch the surface of understanding how our intentions and thought-projections create matter and reality.   In my simple understanding of quantum physics, the main thing to remember is that everything is vibrating... EVERYTHING.  Every thing.  The computer you are looking at right now, the ring on your finger, the chair you are sitting on, the air you are breathing, the clothes you are wearing - all vibrating. 

Living or not, everything has a vibration - some low vibrations - some high, but all vibrating.  So when you open your mouth and talk, you are literally vibrating a word into existence, and when you do this, you are programming that field - that quantum field - to create a new reality by directing and focusing that vibration - that word.   Mind blowing, isn't it?

You know the singers who can shatter wineglasses with their high-pitched notes?  Well, that's vibration - at a very high frequency!  Johnston reminds us that "sound directed by thought in the form of words has great power."  If sound can break wine glasses, imagine what sound paired with thought forms spoken into words can create!  This is because words focus intention into "beingness," therefore creating reality.

So if you believe this premise, then couldn't you be more aware of the words that you are putting out there?  I could be more deliberate in choosing my words to work for me in the quantum field, that's for sure.  Johnston says that for way too long we have been living a "language of lack."  He suggests that certain words in our language are disempowering and that we need to get these words out of our vocabulary.  Here are my favorites to share:

 SHOULD - whenever you say, I "should" do something, you are making a judgement on yourself.  When you say, "you should... " to someone else, you are making a judgement on that person.  The intent of it is to make you or someone else feel guilty if you don't do the action you are "shoulding."

As often as possible, replace "should" with "COULD."  For instance, "I should go to bed instead of watching t.v."  Now instead say, "I could go to bed instead of watching t.v." Doesn't that free you from something that was an obligation to something that is now voluntary?  I "could" do this thing, but I don't have to if I choose not to"... It puts you back in the driver's seat.  The guilt goes away.

And besides, "COULD" just carries much more possibility.  Once you're saying "COULD" instead of "would," step it up a notch and say, "I INTEND," or "I WILL."  That's where the real power and movement of vibrational creation comes into play.  Can you feel the difference in these words?

WAIT - Oh, boy this word slips out of my mouth all day long.  "Wait a minute, I'll be there after I finish loading the dishwasher."  "Wait a sec, I'm busy right now."  "Wait, I can't right now... can't you see I don't have any TIME?????"

"Wait" is disempowering because as soon as you say it, you are putting someone on hold.  It's saying that either you or someone else is not where you or they "should" be, not doing what you or they want to do.

Perhaps instead, say,"give me ten minutes, and I'd love to come play," or "YES, I will come as soon as I go to the bathroom," or " this time is not good for me.  Let's try again later."  The difference in the clarity of the words just feels better and directs the quantum field into a more decisive and positive direction.

BUT - "I like your writing, "but" it lacks a certain creativity."  "I like those shoes, "but" they are too tight,"  "I love you, "but..."   When you say, "BUT" in a sentence, you're taking back everything that precedes it.  Do you like my writing or not?  Do you like the shoes, or not?  Do you love me, or not?  Don't muddy the quantum water by mixing your thoughts in one sentence. 

Be clear...  Instead say, "The last few paragraphs you wrote lack creativity.  On the whole,  you are a beautiful writer."   "I would like these shoes in a bigger size."  I love you, and when you act like that it confuses me."  Doesn't that feel clearer?  "BUT" says that you wish to take back a part of what you just said... you're "canceling" which really confuses the quantum field and slows the vibration.  

NEED - Oh, this word steels your power right away!  It snatches your creativity and replaces it with lack and fear.  "I need to do this right now because if I don't I'll be late" (fear of being late).  "I need to pay that bill" (fear of lack of money).  If you "need" something then you don't have it, which is lack... and fear. 

How about instead say, "I CHOOSE to do this right now so I won't be late."  See the difference?  It gives you back the control and creativity.  Or "I DESIRE" to pay this bill."  Or "I WISH to go to the meeting today." 

Do we really desire to pay our bills?  Probably not, but at least when you say you "choose", "desire", or "wish", you are holding a positive intention for manifesting abundance instead of lack.  YOU are in control of creating your experience.  You are clearly stating your intention to the quantum field, and the quantum field is responding. 

Saying, "should", "wait", "but", and "need" day after day creates a murky, sticky, and slow quantum field.  Try catching yourself saying these words, and I'll bet you'll be surprised. I was!

Now for some EMPOWERING WORDS!!!  These are the words you want to keep in your pocket at all times.

EFFORTLESSNESS - "I make money "EFFORTLESSLY"."  Doesn't that sound nice?  We often believe that money can only come to us one way...  by one narrow, little avenue.  By saying "effortlessly" we open up the possibility that money can come from any direction, any avenue, any where, any way, from ALL directions. 

This applies to just about any situation in your life... "I write this blog effortlessly.  "I clean my home effortlessly today."  "I drive through traffic effortlessly."   "I pray the surgeon operates effortlessly." 

When we do what we love, it's usually effortless.  When we try to make something happen, we often come up against resistance.  "I move through this day "effortlessly."  "I give this presentation effortlessly."  You get the idea... it's just popping the lid off the can of possibilities and opening up to so much more than we can imagine. Try incorporating "effortlessly" into your day and know that the quantum field is responding to your words.

NO - No, this word isn't in the wrong place.  It is supposed to be in the "empowering words" section.  "No" can be a real powerhouse, and it is perfectly o.k. to utter!  YOU own your own power.  Saying "no" is often very appropriate and good for you.  Be o.k. with it... Use it!  Own it!

YES - Although this word could be a disempowering word if you are saying it because you "should" or because you "need" to, saying it for the right reasons gives direct and clear intention to the quantum field. 

"YES" is a word of giving and receiving.  Giving and receiving is the balance and cycle of the universe, so say YES!!!  When someone is generous to you, say "yes" to it and thank them.   When the universe offers you a choice or a possibility, say "YES"!

"YES" is also a word of GENEROSITY (giving).  When you say "yes" in giving of yourself, your time, your creativity, or your money - and you feel good about it - you are sending out a powerful intentional vibration that will be bountifully returned to you.
By sneaking just these three words into your days, you'll begin to feel a difference... the quantum field will respond to your words by mirroring them right back to you.   

The past few years I've enjoyed creating an art project with my intended words to help steer me through the new year.  So this coming week, I'm going to work on 2011, and for next week's blog, I'll walk you through the process and show you what I've come up with.    Perhaps this would be a great way to start living your words too.  If you're moved to choose a word or lots of words that you'd like to manifest in your life, go for it!  I'll be glad to help you along...   

So today, I will remember the creative power of my words and their effect on my life and those around me.  I will create my reality by choosing words that empower me and others, knowing that I am literally vibrating words into existence, and that it is a privilege and an honor to do so. 

Thank you for visiting.   I hope you feel the effects of some wonderful words this week! 



  1. Stace, I really love how you give concrete examples that help turn our thinking around, and I *love* that you echoed that in the color choice... awesome. Great post, as usual! xoxo

  2. This is beautiful and empowering... Another word I am focused on teaching my boys is the word THANKS! Such a simple one that sends a powerful message of validation, we are practicing saying this word to anyone who helps us is any way, so THANKS FOR WRITING THIS! I will remember what you have said!