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Friday, May 20, 2011

Loving Right Now - Happy Birthday to my Son

Our family is in Myrtle Beach, SC celebrating my son's eighth birthday.  As I write this blog post, I'm taking in the view of the ocean as its waves lull me into a calm and peaceful place deep inside myself.  Tomorrow is Ryan's birthday.  Deep sigh... he is my baby.

The kids and I were livin' it up in the hot tub last night, and I happened upon an endearing moment.  There was a mother and her one year old boy playing close to us.   As I relaxed into the steaming hot water, I looked over and saw the mom holding her little boy, and I could literally feel their love connection... it was palpable and beautiful.

The smiling baby leaned into his mother's and bit her on her chin... gumming it, kind of biting and slobbering all over it, while the mom smiled and kissed him all over his face.  Then the little boy just melted into her arms and they held each other for some of the sweetest seconds I've seen, all the while reveling in each others love.

Watching that connection flooded me with my own memory of that same exchange seven years ago between Ryan and I.  As I looked across at Ryan, chilling out in the bubbling water, I noticed he saw the "biting chin love fest" too.  I said quietly to him, "you know you used to bite my chin just like he did to his mommy."

He smiled, and we had a secret connection then, a knowing of sorts that the bond of a mother and her son is something special.  He immediately swam over to me, got up on my lap, and softly bit my chin.  Then we hugged.  It was just an awesome, awesome moment.

My baby is growing up.  I have revisited, briefly, the memories of his younger years, but I am not mourning them.  Sometimes looking back on the memories is bitter sweet.  So today, I am instead  going to love him right in this moment.  Those memories are so deeply rooted in my heart that nothing in this universe could take them from me.  So, instead of going back, I am going to celebrate him... fully and grandly... appreciating all of him... every detail, right now.

Loving him right where he is in this moment -  I'm celebrating who he is right now, today, because it is in this moment that I understand the full culmination of his life.  I really see where he has been and who he is now.

Because it is in this moment that our point of power for loving and laughing and enjoying each other is creating more amazing manifestations yet to come.  Not in the past.  It is now, this very second.  This awareness of loving in the now plants the seeds for thousands of new and wonderful encounters between us in the future.  So today, right this very second, I'm loving...

the new freckles on his nose

the way he calls me "mah-jong"

how our feet touch when we sleep together in the hotel bed

his spiritual wisdom and intuitiveness

his cute little hiney.  I just have to touch and pinch and kiss it!

his wide-open screams of joy and huge eyes
when he rides his boogie board on the ocean waves

his thankful heart

the way he saves his money for just the right purchase

his new love of sharks

his contentment to sit on the balcony by himself
and stare out at the ocean

how he wants to be a "hippy biker" when he grows up
(Bike week at Myrtle Beach.... what can I say?)

the way he spikes up his hair with gel

the way he sees right through me

the way he loves his life right here and right now

the way he loves me

and a million trillion more...

Just for this very minute, and the next, and the next, and the next, I'm loving him now.

Gotta go!  I have a lot of celebrating to do!!!


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  1. Happy Birthday Ryan! We love you!!!!! xoxo, Clara and Miles :)