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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Mother Load of Mother Love

My mom and me!

Each mother's day, I ponder a gift for my mother that will demonstrate my love for her.   The past few years I've been coming up empty... or should I say, the gifts that I struggle to conceive always seem to fall short of what I believe she deserves.

She's had the years of macaroni necklaces and hand-colored, glittered cards that I presented her as a child.  She's received the expensive gifts that I sent her in my younger professional years, and she's graciously accepted a few years of simply a card or a phone call carrying a mother's day, "I love you."  This year, I'm trying something new, something that was truly a pleasure to create. 

So, this blog post is dedicated to you, Mom!
Here are some of my favorite things about you...

How you bend down anywhere and everywhere...
just to pick up a penny.

Your Donald Duck impression.

The crazy way you drive... gas/brake, gas/brake, gas/brake.

Your love for silver jewelry.

The way politics can stir you up.

Your child-like wonder... still... after all these years.

Your beautiful smile.

Your willingness to try anything.

The way you put Ryan in a trance when  you scratch his head.

Your ability to love me even when I push you away.

How every thing that you touch
is transformed into something more beautiful than it was.

Your laugh... you laugh more than anyone I know.

Our shared Pad Thai moments.

Your creative cooking.

Your courage.

Your crazy, whacked out sense of humor
and your ability to make people laugh.... HARD!

How you don't care what others think about you.

Your willingness to try new things.

Your love of thrift shopping
and the ever-present search for a good deal.

Your willingness to listen to my ideas
and spiritual epiphanies.

How you style Erin's hair and nails and buy her beautiful clothes.

Our shared quest for the unknown and the mysteries of life.

Your ability to hold our family
tightly and lovingly together.

Your love of color, texture, and style.

Your love of anything theatrical...
the many endless hours we've had wearing costumes
and creating theme parties. 

How you make special treats for Terry.

Your willingness to drop your busy life
to come to me in my time of need.

Your artistic creativity and resourcefulness...
You can even turn a dead frog into something beautiful!

How you like to tell a good joke now and then.
You crack yourself up.

Your soul just sparkles...
just sparkles.

The way you take care of and love dad.

This is not dad.
Your insane love of dining.

Your deep and true compassion.

Your openness to play like a child... even still.

Your wild blue eyes.

  Your absolute appreciation for life.

How the simplest of things in life
still give you such great pleasure.

The way you craft words
into breath-taking poems and songs.

How you walk like your dad.

How you took care of your mom and dad
when they needed you.

Your adaptability to any situation.

Our time together in Naples watching the sunset.
I'll never forget that.

The way you love my children.

The way you loved me as a child.
Your love kept me safe and so so happy.

The way you love me now.
Your love lets me go to find my way
as you stand back and watch me fly on my own.

Today, I feel more connected to you than ever.

The silver cord of our love
will always, always be... my sweet mama.

Happy Mother's Day,


  1. That was so beautiful Stacey! I so loved seeing the baby you looking up so intensely at your beautiful mother. Amazing. Also thank you for the laugh with "This is not dad." Such a great post in tribute to such an amazing woman!!! You both are so lucky to have such a bond together... xoxo

  2. Mom, that was really pretty.... I'm going to do that for you when I get my blog going!!!!
    Love you Nana!!!!

  3. I was going to say the same exact things! I love my Marmie's wild laugh, beautiful eyes, silver jewelry, and the way you treated me during a very dark time in my life.... "here Jackie, put on these pearl earrings and sit in this winged back chair, we need a picture of you and some day you are gonna laugh about this!" Thanks for everything you do for me marmie, I love you sooooo much!