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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Creating Space Part II - Space in our Surroundings

With the changing of the seasons, there's that innate nudge to begin switching the wardrobe, pulling out Halloween decorations, and doing some "fall cleaning."  Oh, who am I fooling?  I don't "fall clean," and I'll be wearing flip flops until Christmas.  I don't even think I own a sweater anymore living in Charleston (90 degrees as I write this!).  BUT regardless of when the seasons change for each of us, the transition of the weather gives us an opportunity to look through our living spaces, evaluate our stuff, organize, and de-clutter a bit. In other words, transitions provide us a wonderful opportunity to create a new energy and space in our physical environment.

My favorite thing in Ryan's room ( he used pastels)
I was helping my son clean his room a few days ago, and boy is he a pack rat!  He'll keep a piece of paper, a paper clip, an eraser... just about anything that has the potential to be or do something for him.  "I might need that one day," he'll say.  Or "but I used to play with that toy when I was younger," he'll protest.  So we began the cleaning process as usual, but this time I tried a different approach with him.  "Boy, wouldn't it be great if we could get rid of some of your toys so that your room will feel bigger to you?  How about we try keeping only the things that you absolutely love and that make you totally happy."  I suggested.  He agreed and actually threw away quite a few small items.

My favorite thing in the hallway (my daughter's collage)
 As we came to the more important toys that Ryan had played with in his younger days but hadn't touched for months and months, it was difficult for him to cut the cord.  And I don't blame him.  When something holds sentimental value for us, it's hard to say goodbye.  I told him that even though he loved it once, if he thought about it carefully, he would probably realize that he doesn't still love the actual toy... just the idea or energy that the toy carries.  I explained that he could always carry that idea in his heart even without having the toy.  Well, I have to give him credit...  he discarded three major toys, and I was very proud of him.    

A dear friend gave me this years ago, and I still love it.
 And then it dawned on me that we all cling to material objects in our lives for different reasons... perhaps because the "thing" holds  a beautiful memory of the past.   Or perhaps that "thing" might come in handy in the future... and then, a year later, we discover it untouched... and then throw it away.  There it sat just taking up space.

So here's my thought for today... we cling to material things because of the past and because of the future, but what are these things doing for us NOW... in the present moment? 

My favorite corner...
all the items are dear to me.
I mean, yes, some items deserve to have a sacred spot in our homes because they fill us with pure joy when we look at them.  The item may be a gift from a dear friend, or a family heirloom that you really love, or a creation that your child put their whole heart and soul into, or a memory of an amazing day, or something you bought for yourself that spoke to your soul.

I like the curves
and color...
and I made it!

And yes, some items we once loved like crazy, and they gave us heaps of joy, but we have simply outgrown them... just like my son and his toys.  And that's o.k.  We have to admit, though, that soooo many items in our living spaces don't really hold much value at all and never did from the start.  Or perhaps they did at one time but not anymore.  Could you let it go and just hold on to the memory?  And that thing that you're holding on to because you might use later... are you really going to?  I mean really? 

This little guy gives me SO much joy!
a present from a dear friend.

Recently, I painted and redecorated my downstairs. Throughout the process, I looked at every single item that I had and decided whether I absolutely loved it or not.  I can proudly say that almost all of the decor in my downstairs is stuff that makes me tick... makes me happy... makes my family happy.  And wow does it feel good!!!  It was an emotional process... a very cleansing and cathartic task... and certainly not easy... but my home feels fresh, and simple, and full of space.  And because my home feels spacious, I feel more space.  I feel better emotionally and physically.  Funny how
that works.   

One of our all time favorites!
Disney... our favorite place on earth...
tea cup ride... hands on the steering wheel
Ever since I can remember, I've loved the philosophy of Feng Shui - that every object or element has its own energy that radiates to everyone and everything around it.  Energy isn't solid or concrete; it is fluid and transferable, and that applies to all objects and people.  Our bodies react to everything around us whether we are aware of it or not - an object can either nourish us or drain us. 

My son and I on the top of the world.
Will I have this hanging forever?
Maybe, maybe not... but I will always
carry it in my heart. 
 We'll rearrange our living spaces, bring in new art pieces, pick up knick knacks now and then, and often times we don't even consider the effect that they may have on us.  Feng Shui practices the idea that our surroundings should always  symbolize the essence of what we want in our lives.  They should bring a smile to us, give us strength and good health, and a positive attitude.  Very interesting stuff. What a great reminder for us to be aware of the objects that we bring into our sacred spaces and how they affect our energy. 

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. - William Morris

A recent find..
it spoke to us, and we had to have it!
 I also told my son that day when we cleaned his room that in order to make space for the new and wonderful stuff to come, he needed to get rid of the stuff that he wasn't crazy about.  If we don't create space for the new, and we just keep the old meaningless stuff where it is, it will be harder to manifest what we want.  Kind of like, "If you build it, they will come" kind of thing.  Once we create the space - physically create the space - by letting go, we may be blessed with even more amazing things than we could imagine... or not.  Perhaps the empty space is better left empty.   

So, today I intend to be aware of my environment and watch how energies play out in my living spaces.  I will let go of the things that aren't important to me or giving me joy IN THE PRESENT so that I can create the space for new and amazing energies to bless our home.

"I live in my house as i live in my skin..."  - Primo Levi

I appreciate your visit!
Have a space-filled, beautiful week!



  1. Love it, Stacey! I love all the pics, too... great timing, as we are in the mood for a little fall cleaning too! I'll keep your lovely blog post in mind as I sort through our *treasures* -- do I still love it? I feel so honored that my All Is Well print has a space in your home... whether that be for a day or a year... and I love your frog statue -- how cool that he is on your blog! Might be my favorite thing in your home! Oh, and I love the pic Ryan drew of you guys on top of the world. Absolutely precious.

  2. So enjoying your plunge into blogging---you are gifting your readers with your wonderful ability to put "things" into words.
    I love "transitions provide us a wonderful opportunity to create a new energy and space in our physical environment." So true and yet never gave this much thought until I read it here--not only do you educate your children, but I'm learning from you also. :) Love you-girl!