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I have so much in life that I want to create, experience, and wrap my head around, and I bet you do too. I dedicate this space as a safe place to "grow" our seeds... Seeds of movement to increase our joy, inspiration, and insight - Seeds of change and evolution of our souls - Seeds of of celebration and creativity - a place where we thrive to live lives we're proud of.

How cool is it that we are given the opportunity to create a future that doesn't exist yet. That we have the choice in creating our lives and planting seeds that will grow into our dreams. I want to learn more everyday about how to do this in my life, and I would love for you to join me.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Flowers and Hearts

It's funny because just in the past week, after writing my last blog on creating space in our lives, I've had a really difficult time with... well, creating space in my life.  This past week was full of activity and not much space. Not much down time... not much padding like I talked about last week.  The balance was off, and I did not like it.  

It just didn't seem to be there... space to think, space to be present with my kids, space with my husband, space to even do the things I DIDN'T want to do like housework... let alone time to do artwork or write a blog!  So this week, I'm taking my own words to heart.  I'm creating space in my life by NOT writing a thought-provoking-think-really-hard-until-my-head-hurts/time consuming blog, but instead, I'm going to show you what I've been up to arts-and-crafts wise over the past month or so. 

Flowers and hearts seem to be on my mind these days.  I normally am not a flower person.  Growing up, I would always tell my family and friends, "Don't get me any flowers... I'd much prefer a fresh bag of Doritos!"  I always felt flowers were a waste... they just didn't tickle me like they tickled others...  but lately, I have to admit, that as I mature, I am finding a quiet respect for a fresh bouquet of flowers scattered here and there. 

But something I like even more are my paper flowers.  Well, they aren't mine.  They were first suggested to me by a friend, then I tweaked them from tips on the Internet, but I call them mine now because I'm enjoying putting my own spin on them.  To me, these flowers are realistic with a funky and fresh twist.  And they are made of paper so they last FOREVER!!!!  That's my kind of flower!

bending the edge down
I hand cut and hand roll each flower.  Then I bend an edge around the entire flower.  I hot glue each flower together, then varnish and glitter them so they sparkle when they catch the light.   

I'm finding so many fun ways to use these flowers...  and I'd LOVE more suggestions from you... I just can't seem to get enough of them!

Flowers on Driftwood
Tiny little Flowers

Hair Clips

Will be a Kissing Ball

Flowers ANYwhere!

And as for hearts, well, who couldn't like hearts?  I found these cool paper mache hearts at a local craft store, and my mind went crazy with the possibilities!  So I covered them in beautiful colored paper...

I'm looking forward to making more of these.  Oh, and by the way, if you are interested in my flowers or hearts, just let me know because I would love to create flowers or a heart in your perfect colors for any occasion. 

So today, I will carefully select how I use my time, and I will cherish the space that I do have... even if it's not the amount of space I want.  I will remember that the rhythm of life is just that, a rhythm...  sometimes the seasons are quiet, sometimes they are full of activity.  There will be space again, and it's o.k., because I am where I am supposed to be.  I trust the process of life. 

Thanks for visiting!  And I hope that your week is full of beautiful things!


  1. Stace, I honestly loved this post every bit as much as your *deeper* ones... it was just as interesting and compelling. FANTASTIC amazing gorgeous pictures! I love how you showed the process in some, not just the final result. I think this is my favorite blog post you've ever done! xoxo

  2. " rust the process of life" - well said !! Love this blog and your radiating energy. I will be ordering some of your hearts and bottles for Christmas gifts this year. What is best way to do that ? Hey, this way we can get together !

  3. TRUST the process ! Silly fingers ! Elizabeth

  4. Thanks guys! I appreciate your kind words. Elizabeth, I would love to create some heart for you... You can e-mail, facebook me, CALL me... imagine that one! We could turn it into lunch if we want to... just let me know what you're looking for, and I'll make them. Stacey.