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I have so much in life that I want to create, experience, and wrap my head around, and I bet you do too. I dedicate this space as a safe place to "grow" our seeds... Seeds of movement to increase our joy, inspiration, and insight - Seeds of change and evolution of our souls - Seeds of of celebration and creativity - a place where we thrive to live lives we're proud of.

How cool is it that we are given the opportunity to create a future that doesn't exist yet. That we have the choice in creating our lives and planting seeds that will grow into our dreams. I want to learn more everyday about how to do this in my life, and I would love for you to join me.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Creating Space - Part III - Mental Housekeeping II

Magnolia Plantation
I am happy to have you here today!  I appreciate you taking time out of your valuable day to ponder thoughts with me.  I may not know you personally, but I'm feeling a great energy growing around this space, and I thank you for being a part of it.  I sure would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section. I so enjoy reading what you have to say, as I'm sure others do as well. 

Last week, I expressed the importance of creating space in our minds to benefit awareness of our thoughts.  Sometimes it seems that our thoughts choose us, but this just isn't so.  Every moment of our lives we are choosing our thoughts whether we know it or not, and our thoughts always have an effect whether we know it or not.

Quantum Physicist Sci-Fi Dude
Thoughts becoming experience is leading edge stuff!  I mean isn't this what science fiction novels are made of?  Not anymore!  I realize that my intellectual prowess is not quite up there with the quantum physicists, but I am still going to proudly proclaim that the idea of "thoughts creating reality" is becoming a supported and viable theory among the scientific  community.  I can't articulate the details and process of how this works scientifically - I'll leave this to the quantum physicists - but the information is out there and gaining everyday - if you want to research it.

Magnolia Plantation
The message of our thoughts creating reality is a message as old as time.  I believe Jesus taught it, Buddha, and many other great masters, philosophers, and teachers proclaimed it throughout history.  It's not a new idea, although I think that for the first time in history a massive amount of people are ready to hear it and apply it in their own lives.   Very exciting times right now!

 Louise Hay is one of my favorite authors that writes on creating our realities.  In fact, she is probably the one who coined the term "mental housekeeping."  In her book, You Can Heal Your Life, she talks about mental housekeeping and how it is similar to physically cleaning our houses.  Just as I spoke recently about going through our living spaces and looking at each item to determine its present worth, Louise suggests similarly,

"if you want to clean a room thoroughly, you will pick up and examine everything in it.  Some things you will look at with love, and you will dust them or polish them to give them new beauty.  Some things you will see that need refinishing or repair, and you will make a note to do that.  Some things will never serve you again, and it becomes time to let those things go.  Old magazines and newspapers and dirty paper plates can be dropped into the wastebasket very calmly.  There is no need to get angry in order to clean a room."

So it is when we clean our minds.  There's no need to become upset when some of our old beliefs that aren't serving us anymore need to be tossed out.  Louise says, "Let them go as easily as you would scrape bits of food into the trash after a meal.  Would you really dig into yesterday's garbage to make tonight's meal?  Do you dig into your mental garbage to create tomorrow's experiences?"

How freeing is this???  If a thought or belief doesn't serve us... Let the darn thing go!!!!  What law says that because we once believed something, we need to keep that belief forever?  That's what evolution is all about... adapting to our environments in order to become our highest selves.  We change, we grow.  There's a season for everything including our thoughts.  It's o.k. to transform them.  Change is key in our growth,in fact, if we take a look at the natural world, we see constant change, evolution, and transformation.  Nothing in nature stays the same, and that's the beauty of it, isn't it?  Mahatma Gandhi says, "I am committed to truth, not consistency."  Love that!  Perfect. Enough said.

So how do you do this?  How do you scrape these unwanted thoughts off your mental plate?  These thoughts that are mucking up your life and holding you back from being amazing and happy and healthy?  I recommend being aware... just be aware of your thoughts and your feelings and how your thoughts make you feel.  And when your thoughts don't make you feel good,think a thought that DOES make you feel good.  And when you're not doing something that makes you feel good, do something that DOES make you feel good, or at least think a thought that makes you feel a little better.

It doesn't have to be a grand thought... just one thought better than the one you just had that made you feel bad.  Baby steps...  small steps every day to become conscious of your thoughts and feelings.  Watch the communication between your thoughts and your feelings and how they interact.  There's a direct correlation between them.  When a thought doesn't serve you, you know it in your gut.  Invest more time in being aware of that interaction and then "think up."  

Thought Seeds
 Think of your thoughts as seeds that are growing your garden of future experience.  You  are sowing seeds out to the universe every time you think a thought... the universe is waiting and ready to respond by helping to grow that seed.  What are you growing?  Your thoughts are either moving you closer to your truth, or keeping you from it.  

Perhaps you feel trapped right now by fearful thoughts about a situation or two in your life.  I do.  I'm feeling pretty much smack dab in the middle of a lot of change right now... trapped, maybe, but not for long because after I feel sorry for myself for a few minutes, a few days, or longer, I remember that my point of power is always in the present moment... not the past and not the future.  My power is right now... I'm creating my future right this minute.  Present moment.  I'm planting seeds left and right all over my future... and the blossoms they grow are a mirror image of what I'm thinking right now.

So, after I put on my big girl panties and get back in the game, I ask God to help me open myself to the amazing brilliance and potential of the universe and let that flow through me... then I start sowing those seeds and knowing that I'm going to be alright! 

I've learned that the minute I start thinking fear-based thoughts about a situation, I need to step it up a notch and think up... find some shred of good and joy in it, and usually there is plenty to be found when I am aware.  And if I can't seem to find a happier thought, I think of something else entirely that DOES make me happy until I find myself in a better feeling place.

I am really the only one holding me back.  But I have the power, in this moment, with God's awesomeness, to be free in my thoughts.  And when I really believe this... that's when freedom follows.  Because if I am free in my thoughts, and thoughts create reality...      

Your amazing garden
  So, today I intend to be aware of my thoughts and start cleaning my mental house. And when I feel a thought that is not serving me, I'll think it up - one thought better than that yucky thought.  I will use my positive thoughts to create my experiences, and they will be awesome... and my experiences will have a ripple effect.  I am planting new seeds of thought that will grow me the most fantastic experiences EVER!!! 

Think up this week.  Thanks for visiting!  Stacey


  1. Love the idea that our "power point is in the present moment"... that's a gem, Stacey! I could use your quote and name in one of my Health Collages... it's so good :) Might have to! xoxo

  2. You inspire me everyday during our journey together. I am so proud of you.

  3. Love the photo of your "sci-fi dude". And what a sweet comment from Terry!